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  • quantity: 300pcs, 500pcs or 1000pcs
  • namecard size: 90mm x 54mm
  • print material: premium art card
  • with surface matte lamination
  • thickness: 310gsm
  • double-sided full color printing
  • please allow 5-7 working days

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We offer you the optimal thickness of 310gsm art card with matt lamination finish.

The next time you exchange cards, notice how your new acquaintance responds to your card. The mere feel of it in their hands brings you closer to closing the deal.

* Prices quoted in Ringgit Malaysia.
* Design services available, quote upon request.


What is the correct standard size for namecards and how to best design my namecards?

A standard size for namecards is 9cm x 5.4cm. In millimetres, that translates to 90mm x 54mm. You can design it to be viewed in portrait format or landscape format. Landscape format is the most common.

When designing your namecards, please ensure that you add in a 3mm bleed to the sides. A bleed ensures that the background colours or textured patterns or image you use for the background will seep all the way to the edges when the printing is done and the cards are cut to size.

How to bleed?

Set your canvas to 9.6cm (that’s 9cm + 3mm + 3mm) by 6cm (that’s 5.4cm + 3mm + 3mm). With a canvas that’s 9.6cm by 6cm for your namecards, we can trim it nicely to result in a final size of 9cm x 5.4cm.

There should be 2 separate files, one for the front side of the namecard and one for the back of the namecard.

You can also request extra finishes, like Spot UV finish, or rounded corners. Please note that there will be additional costs for these extra finishes.

If you need us to provide you with a blank template canvas for the namecard done to the correct size, or you need any further clarifications, simply drop us a message via email, call or whatsapp us. We will be most glad to assist.