“I would like to know more about the roll up bunting or pull up stand”


1. What is the standard height?

For roll up bunting or pull up stand, the height can be either 1.8m (for the 60x180cm model) or 2m (for the 85 x 180cm model and the 120cm x 200cm model)


2. What is the print material?

Print material is synthetic poster paper with matt surface lamination.


3. What is the weight?

Weight varies between 2-3kg, depending on the model of pull up stand that you choose. The weight is shown on the Pull Up Stand, in the description for each model.


4. Do you provide carrying bag?

Yes, each pull up stand comes with its own black canvas carrying bag.


5. Do you provide artwork?

We can also do the artwork for you, there will be a separate charge for the artwork fee. The price we display on the website is for the stand and the printing only, and does not include artwork.



Roll Up Bunting, Roll Up Banner Stand, Bunting Stand – which is which?


There are many easily swapped words for the same display stand, and the pull up stand is also known as roll up stand, roll standee, roll up bunting, pull up standee, pull up bunting, and many more.

Whatever the name it is referred to, it remains the portable and versatile solution that marketers and exhibitors the whole world wide love to use and display in their marketing space.

It’s easy to roll out and display in a matter of seconds, and with great impact from full-colour printing over a large surface area, it’s sure to catch the eyes of your prospects and passers-by.

To know more about our pull up stands or roll up bunting, refer to the Pull Up Stands page, where we have detailed out the various sizes and models that we offer.

Do call us for more information or assistance!