Do you provide Discount for Orders in Bulk Quantity?

Do you provide Discount for Orders in Bulk Quantity?

If you are planning to place order in bulk quantity for our products and display stands, please speak with our team so we can quote you with discounted pricing for bulk quantity purchases. We hope to create long-term working relationship with our clients and value their support for

Do you provide for Orders in Bulk Quantity?

Bulk Quantity Orders

If you are ordering in bulk quantity, simply let us know in advance by email, phone call or whatsapp chat. Our team will be on hand to guide you in making this purchase and any special arrangements you might require. We have experience dealing with clients who have multiple locations for delivery, or require assistance to despatch the ordered products to their resellers/agents or various outlets. is fully aware of the intricacies in managing such special arrangements and we take great pains to ensure all is processed smoothly as per your requirement.

Recurring Orders

If your order will be repeated on a frequent basis, eg. you need it every month or quarterly, do let our team know as well. We will assign a client account executive to work closely with you for recurring orders in bulk quantity. Having said that, regardless of quantity or volume of order, we take great care in dealing with orders of any size or magnitude. Even clients who order just 1 item and 1 time with us are treated with the same high level of attention to detail and respect.

Lifetime Value of A Customer

Any company operating in today’s economy should embrace continuous investment in the lifetime value of a customer. Understanding the historical data associated with lifetime value of a customer, we attend seriously to each and every order, whether they are bulk quantity orders or one-time purchases, with equivalent amount of care. We invest heavily in customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer satisfaction. Our investment begins internally, with the quality and selection of our products in our store, the selection of team members for, the systems and processes set in place to enable us to move and process orders efficiently, accurately and fast and we take great satisfaction in under-promising and over-delivering


If you are keen to know more on how we process bulk quantity orders and how we work closely with our corporate clients to serve their requirements, please connect our team today.



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