Why is KLCC Convention Centre The Number 1 Event Space in Malaysia?

Why is KLCC Convention Centre The Number 1 Event Space in Malaysia?

Twin Towers

In the middle of the busiest, bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, tourists obviously flock to the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Towers. In the KLCC Convention Centre, we see various types of people. We’ve seen people, from suits, ties, and Rolex watches going to conferences and briefings, to people dressed up as cartoon- and anime-characters going for Comic-Fiesta in the exhibition halls.

KLCC Convention Centre has 6 massive Exhibition Halls that holds up to about 3,500 people. It also has a Conference Hall for about 1,800 people, 20 Meeting Rooms, a Ballroom, a Banquet Hall, and the Plenary Theatre, which has cool gadgets like voting systems and writing tablets on the seats.

When it comes to service, KLCC Convention Centre does not play. They serve catering at their banquets, as well has having different food and beverage areas, serving both Asian and Western cuisine. They even have a cocktail bar! You can check out their menu here.


Since you’re there, hang out in the KLCC Mall and go shopping. Take a look at Kinokunya and Petronas Science Centre at the top floor, or take a walk in Aquaria at the bottom floor and have little fish nibble at your feet in their fish-spa.

Lake SymphonyIf you’re more of an outdoor-person, get in a workout and go jogging in the KLCC Park, or if it’s late, have some fresh air by Lake Symphony, where the water fountains and lights will dance to music.

To get to KLCC Convention Centre, it is accessible easily by train if you want to beat the jam. There is the KLIA Express, which takes you there straight from the airport, or if you’re coming from other cities, it’s fully accessible via LRT, MRT, and KTM. There are taxis, Grab cars, and Ubers all over the area. And if you’re looking for a longer stay, there are hotels and motels around every block!

In conclusion, KLCC Convention Centre isn’t just great because of it’s breathtaking exhibition halls, but also it’s environment, service, culture, attractions, and convenience.

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