Berjaya Times Square is one of the biggest landmarks in Kuala Lumpur. A frequent location for tourists, advertising and display is one of the biggest attributes for Times Square and Bukit Bintang.

Display Advertising (Posters, Signs, Stands) Berjaya Times Square

Right at the entrance, there will usually be a large display or event. Last week, there was a game show where the participants stand a chance to win cash money! These events are normally in an enclosed area surrounded with Q-Stands.


If you walk further to the back, you’ll probably notice people jumping and stomping on the ground. Don’t worry, it’s just because they have an interactive jelly and piano floor that plays music when you step on them!


interactivefloorOn the 5th floor, for adults and children alike, there is an indoor theme park with roller coasters, various rides, and even snack stalls! Be vary of the roller coaster, it turns upside down at the top!



The most common way to advertise and market in Berjaya Times Square using display will definitely be the Slot Stand and buntings, as well as life-size cardboard cutouts.

For the first two floors, you’ll see more popular and international businesses such as llao llao’s Frozen Yogurt and GNC, where they’re spotting a life-size cardboard cutouts and slot stand outside their store. Then nearby, we can see Wah Chan jewelry store handing out A5 Flyers and displaying their current promotions on a Tripod Easel.

There are multitudes of optical stores as well, each of them possibly having at least one Slot Stand and Pull Up Stand. However, we saw one particular one having their promo with a PVC Promotion Counter! We see many retailers using slot stands on each floor to market and promote their products, tripod easels to promote sales, and hire new employees as well.

Times Square also has a beautiful art gallery – and they promote the sales of their artworks using an X-Stand to give it a clean, artistic look.


wahchan xstand llaollao lensstore GNC







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