How To Advertise In Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur

Why would I still spend money on retail advertisements in this era? It’s the era of the internet, we can reach people all over the world! We took a walk around Pavilion in Bukit Bintang, and we were taking a look at how these shops incorporate these advertisements, turning them into sales. We don’t notice it, but when we walk past these stores, the colourful little promotional poster-stands will catch our eye. These visuals stay in our brains and our memory.

The target customers are the shoppers in the mall itself, that’s why people still use retail advertisements. They want to catch the attention of the customers already in the mall. Using online advertising may work like a charm, but retailers don’t want to package and deliver every single item across the world.

1. Digital Signs

The most common retail advertisement method in Pavilion is to use digital signs. These backdrops or screens with moving pictures bring in the most attention. Pavilion is considered a “high-end mall”, so its target customers are people from the upper-middle class. Sometimes, you just gotta fit in!

Pros: Moving pictures on walls are super cool.

Cons: It’s more expensive than other types of advertising, and it needs maintenance.


2. Illuminated Signs


Illuminated signs were nearly everywhere! They’re basically made out of a poster, put on top of a lighted backdrop. Nearly every single store used it. In clothing retail advertisements, they put pictures of models in it. For F&B’s, they used it for menus. They placed them in the stores, in hallways, heck, even outside the toilets!illuminated.jpg

Pros: Everyone will see it. Even if they’re not paying attention.

Cons: You need a space or wall to put it, and it needs electricity. Installing it will be tough.


3. Easels

This is the smallest and quickest form of retail advertisement. As we were walking, we noticed that nearly all the cafes, restaurants, small food stalls, they all had easels and poster stands outside with the menu and lunch-time or tea-time promo. Most of the time, they used a wooden easel to have this cozy, homely feel to it. Others used a basic black tripod easel, for convenience and portability.

Pros: Quick, easy, and cheap.

Also looks pretty cool.

Cons: It’s smaller than the other banners, so you’ve got to take a look at what you’re putting on it!

Tip: Put a foamboard-mounted poster on it for a nice finishing touch!


4. Pull Up Stands

The simplest, and easiest way to do this! (And it has the same name as us!) It was pretty much evenly distributed since everyone was using it, but it was commonly used in snack and drink stalls like green tea places. One store even put their menu on it!

Pros: It is super easy to use and store. Pull Up Stands are favoured because they are so portable!

Cons: Pull Up Stands are recommended for usage indoors. It can topple over if you use it in windy areas.


5. Foamboards

Life-size cutouts of our favourite k-pop stars? Yes please! As you can tell, this form of retail advertisement is popular in asian-beauty or food stores will definitely have Sungwoon’s or Baekhyun’s life-size cutout standing at the stores.

Pros: It’s light, cheap, and who doesn’t want EXO to stand outside their store?

Cons: If you accidentally hit your artist’s head on the way out, it may just dent.

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