Why is KLCC Convention Centre The Number 1 Event Space in Malaysia?

Why is KLCC Convention Centre The Number 1 Event Space in Malaysia?

Twin Towers

In the middle of the busiest, bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, tourists obviously flock to the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Towers. In the KLCC Convention Centre, we see various types of people. We’ve seen people, from suits, ties, and Rolex watches going to conferences and briefings, to people dressed up as cartoon- and anime-characters going for Comic-Fiesta in the exhibition halls.

KLCC Convention Centre has 6 massive Exhibition Halls that holds up to about 3,500 people. It also has a Conference Hall for about 1,800 people, 20 Meeting Rooms, a Ballroom, a Banquet Hall, and the Plenary Theatre, which has cool gadgets like voting systems and writing tablets on the seats.

When it comes to service, KLCC Convention Centre does not play. They serve catering at their banquets, as well has having different food and beverage areas, serving both Asian and Western cuisine. They even have a cocktail bar! You can check out their menu here.


Since you’re there, hang out in the KLCC Mall and go shopping. Take a look at Kinokunya and Petronas Science Centre at the top floor, or take a walk in Aquaria at the bottom floor and have little fish nibble at your feet in their fish-spa.

Lake SymphonyIf you’re more of an outdoor-person, get in a workout and go jogging in the KLCC Park, or if it’s late, have some fresh air by Lake Symphony, where the water fountains and lights will dance to music.

To get to KLCC Convention Centre, it is accessible easily by train if you want to beat the jam. There is the KLIA Express, which takes you there straight from the airport, or if you’re coming from other cities, it’s fully accessible via LRT, MRT, and KTM. There are taxis, Grab cars, and Ubers all over the area. And if you’re looking for a longer stay, there are hotels and motels around every block!

In conclusion, KLCC Convention Centre isn’t just great because of it’s breathtaking exhibition halls, but also it’s environment, service, culture, attractions, and convenience.

Pop Up Stand Buyer’s Guide

3×3, 3×4, graphic sizes, actual sizes.. All these terms can be confusing if you’re buying your very first pop up stand! Here’s a step by step guide on how to buy a pop up stand.


What is a Pop Up Stand?

The Pop Up Stand is a portable, easy-to-use backdrop, commonly seen in exhibitions and events. Some people use it as a normal backdrop, while some use it as a photo wall! It’s so simple, it can be easily set up within 15 minutes.

When you purchase our Pop Up Stands, it’ll come with a the Pop Up structure, the prints with matte lamination, and a plain black trolley case.

The reason it’s called a Pop Up Stand is because the structure comes in a small size, but when you pull it, it “pops up”. Check out our video in the link below to see how the pop up structure looks like!



Pop Up Models and Sizes

There are 2 models of the Pop Up Stand: Curved and Straight. There are 2 sizes each: 3X3 and 3X4.

Now I know what you’re thinking! 3×3 and 3×4 does not mean 3 metres by 3 metres, or 3 feet by 3 feet. If you look at our pop up structure, it looks like boxes stacked on top of each other. The numbers in the 3×3 and 3×4 stand for the number of boxes stacked on top and side by side.



Then What Are The Sizes of The Stands?

Our Pop Up Stands have Graphic Sizes and Actual Sizes.

The Actual Size is the exact measurement after the Pop Up Stand is set up.

The Graphic Size is the size of the image that you need to provide when we print the Pop Up.

You may be wondering, why is the Graphic Size bigger than the Actual Size? If you look closely, the sides of the Pop Up Stands actually curve to the back to give it a sleek, all rounded look.

You can find a list of all the sizes and guidelines here: https://pullupstand.my/templates-specsheets/


We hope this helps! For any more enquiries, contact us at sales@pullupstand.my or you can call us at +60 3-7731 9177. If you prefer Whatsapp, you can whatsapp us at +60 12-650 1153.


Berjaya Times Square is one of the biggest landmarks in Kuala Lumpur. A frequent location for tourists, advertising and display is one of the biggest attributes for Times Square and Bukit Bintang.

Display Advertising (Posters, Signs, Stands) Berjaya Times Square

Right at the entrance, there will usually be a large display or event. Last week, there was a game show where the participants stand a chance to win cash money! These events are normally in an enclosed area surrounded with Q-Stands.


If you walk further to the back, you’ll probably notice people jumping and stomping on the ground. Don’t worry, it’s just because they have an interactive jelly and piano floor that plays music when you step on them!


interactivefloorOn the 5th floor, for adults and children alike, there is an indoor theme park with roller coasters, various rides, and even snack stalls! Be vary of the roller coaster, it turns upside down at the top!



The most common way to advertise and market in Berjaya Times Square using display will definitely be the Slot Stand and buntings, as well as life-size cardboard cutouts.

For the first two floors, you’ll see more popular and international businesses such as llao llao’s Frozen Yogurt and GNC, where they’re spotting a life-size cardboard cutouts and slot stand outside their store. Then nearby, we can see Wah Chan jewelry store handing out A5 Flyers and displaying their current promotions on a Tripod Easel.

There are multitudes of optical stores as well, each of them possibly having at least one Slot Stand and Pull Up Stand. However, we saw one particular one having their promo with a PVC Promotion Counter! We see many retailers using slot stands on each floor to market and promote their products, tripod easels to promote sales, and hire new employees as well.

Times Square also has a beautiful art gallery – and they promote the sales of their artworks using an X-Stand to give it a clean, artistic look.


wahchan xstand llaollao lensstore GNC









Subang Jaya, the modern suburb bustling with young adults and students. SS15, though it may be small, may be one of the busiest areas in the whole of Subang Jaya.

In SS15, there are hundreds of offices above shops, 2 colleges, and one mall. We took a walk around the area to see what’s the most ‘in’ way of reaching our customers!




Our first stop is SS15 Courtyard, or you may refer to it as “First Subang”, its previous name before a major rebranding. At the entrance is the all new Harajucube, a desertstore for the youngsters.

They had two pillars, each face covered with their iconic yellow posters in A1 Snapframes, and right next to the entrance is a cozy looking tripod easel, accompanied by two pullupstands. Looks like the full package!



That’s not all! The kitchen is in the middle of the store, surrounded by glass covered in diecut vinyl stickers, giving it a clean matte finishing while customers can look inside to see how their meal is being prepared.

If you continue taking a walk around the Courtyard, you’ll notice that posters and stickers are making a comeback in this part of town.




On the second floor, you’ll see the famous Hanamaru Udon. They used A0 sized posters, mounted on foamboards, for menus placed on tripod easels and slot stands. Next to them are brochure sized menus, neatly arranged on a wooden zigzag brochure holder for you to take home!



Outside the mall, there are an abundance of optical stores, restaurants, mamaks, gyms, and cafes’ to accommodate to the abundance of students and business persons in the area.

If you frequent the area, you’ll observe that roadshows and promoters commonly appear in front of Rajawali and Starbucks. Today, we spotted Honestbee showing off their sleek PVC Promotion Counter, with free tealive hidden inside!

As you walk down that row of shops, you’ll notice that there are lots of shows, concerts, and even social media influencers and upcoming artists trying to gain followers by putting up posters of all sizes.

Poster1 Poster2









If by any chance you parked outside the stores, you’ll find your car covered in flyers from the optometrist stores in the area!

Lastly, we visited the hottest gym in Subang Jaya. You can find Blitz Gym on the third floor above 99 Speedmart, or spot their entrance lined with posters!


While walking up the staircaseAcrylicFrame, the walls are lined with information about the prices, their promotions, and working hours. All of them placed in professional, A4 Acrylic frames, printed on their iconic, black and white minimalistic design.



Last but not least, their newly installed LED lightbox with customizable wordings. This gives the whole gym an hardcore, yet modern and minimalistic style.



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